Rakhi Sawant and works of her sensations

Once again in another post to mark Rakhi Sawant Sensations alive at my share world blog after having searched the demands of my Indian fellow friends, I found some of the notables around the web for this beauty queen (I’m not saying huh… it you? Disagree comment). I still know some of my regular visitors will nose off this post.

Rakhi: Can men be trusted?
Not all men are bad, but even if they were, we still have to make do with them.

Rakhi: If your guy told you to stop wearing provocative clothes?
I will dump him rather than change my life style. It’s my life yaar, who is he to tell me what to wear and what not to. We live in modern times where both the partners have got the freedom to do their own things.

Rakhi: Metrosexual man for you?
Yes, I dig metrosexual men for why should only woman look good and spend hours in the salon. It works both ways, even the woman has the right to expect her husband to look after his appearance.

I am with Rakhi in this maroon world and no matter I haven’t thought anything yet… a big laughter huh. We will be hearing more of Rakhi in just days to come and more search queries on the search bots will be entertained and this post is not-ti-say the post production of the same.

Rakhi Sawant would be seen as a singer
Item girl Rakhi Sawant would be seen as a singer, in her new album SUPER GIR, under the banner of Venus. For the promotional video of her debut album, she has not just sung but also performed to the choreography and direction of Pappu Maalu.

For more info visit Rakhi Sawant Fan Website for Movies, Films, Interviews, News, Videos, Images, Photos of Rakhi Sawant


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