Random gigs about myself

Once in a while Turning 5 pages at once in life got to hit me like a Hitman smashing down anything that could blur on his way. Even though some of the things have changed and my health life has got a new sensation, the spontaneity of the prophase that defines my need has never got so worst. I just could go thru lines in Ekendra’s pages back to freedom, no compulsions at all.

Something You imagine or Reason ’em, can’t I? Lost in nightmare of being a perfecto rejuvenating pupa, things have gotton tougher and tougher each day, each pulse. I did boost better than I did. Did I? Who consoles? To err is human, but corrigible actions are always Ekendra’s on the next list.
People barely understood something like BlueLove, Malicious Macro. Love and viruses are intemate though the later might not be as devastating as wscript.exe or boot.exe autoplay viruses, the first one have justified these emotions running inside.
These few words could never might again fly like azure or maroon in the totalarian’s world of alfresco launcheon. For that I salute to my failure, good bye to the classical blogging.

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